Terms of Use

Churches Together in England (CTE) has among its objects:

  • to encourage shared worship and prayer, learning, service and evangelism;
  • to enable the churches to develop growing and changing relationships;
  • to enable the churches, as they grow together in unity;
  • to seek a common mind and to share decision-making in common;
  • to enable the churches to respond to the needs of society at all levels;
  • to explore church and society issues within the English context;
  • to seek to ensure that the departments, divisions and boards of the churches at national and intermediate levels work together as closely as possible.

Within this context, it is possible that some material on this website will not represent the views of the Member Churches of CTE or some members thereof. CTE as a charity does not necessarily share these views and accepts no responsibility for them.

As an organisation CTE is not responsible for the content of external websites.

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